Monday, May 5, 2014

52 Ancestors #18 - Virgil Clark Sowders - Story Telling Photo Collage

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Amy Crow has posted a challenge on her blog "No Story Too Small."

Virgil Clark Sowders is my paternal Uncle.

One of my favorite things to do is to create photos that I call Story Telling Photo Collages. I collage photos of a person from my family tree in a way that a story can be told when showing the collage. It's a great way for those viewing the collage to retain the memory of their ancestor; especially when they never knew that ancestor.

Virgil is the sixth child of seven born to Virgil Elmer and Martha Elizabeth Harper Johnston Sowders. He was born on
August 2, 1918 in Kosse, Limestone, Texas. Virgil always wanted to be a soldier. He greeted people with a salute instead of hand shake. He was four years old, saluting, in the center photo.

Virgil's wish came true on November 27, 1942 when he enlisted in the Army for World War II. The two photos (left and right) were taken in Italy. He enlisted for the duration of the war plus six months. He loved being in the military and expressed his desire to make a career of the military. His career was cut short. Virgil was shot and died on December 1, 1943 while in Italy. The tree in the background is a tree located in Eutaw Cemetery, Kosse, Texas where Virgil is buried. Virgil never married and had no known children.

Today I salute my Uncle Virgil and honor is given to him for the service he gave to protect our country as well as others. I never knew my uncle. My Dad spoke of him so often that I feel as if I did know him. 

Thank you Uncle Virgil. I wish I could have known you.

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