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#52Ancestors #12 John Polk: Polk Station Tennessee

52 Ancestors in 52 weeks. Amy Crow has posted a challenge on her blog 'No Story Too Small'.

John Polk is my paternal 4th great grandfather.

John Polk was about fifteen years old when he left his hometown located on the Emerald Isle (Ireland) with his parents William and Elizabeth as well as his two brothers Charles and William Jr. Their ship arrived in South Carolina about 1794/95. 

John married Agnes Brown about 1804. Their children are Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas, Alexander, George, Catherine, William, and James. I descend from their daughter Elizabeth.

The Polk family loaded up their wagon and headed west to Obion County, Tennessee. The Goodspeed Publishing Co. states that John Polk arrived in Obion County about 1833. However, John took the Oath in Obion County on May 14, 1834. The court record states that John had been living in Obion County for three years so he arrived in Obion County about 1831. 
took the oath to become a citizen of the United States. He was born in the Kingdom of Ireland, a part of the dominion of the King of England. He came to this country when but a boy with his father who came to South Carolina and he believes that it was antecedent to the 29th of January, 1795. . . a resident of Obion County for three years…"  (tngenweb )
John and his family settled about three and one-half miles from Troy, Tennessee where John purchased 840 acres. Today it is known as Polk Station and was named after John's son James.

John was fifty-years old when he became ill. There was a man named William H. Massey in Obion County who wrote letters to his brother. Someone was kind enough to transcribe those letters and post them on the internet. William H. Massey wrote "Old man John Polk died night before last with the fever". The letter is dated October 16, 1837. (

John Polk made his Will on October 5, 1837 and died October 14, 1837.

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